Kenyarn Holiday Boxes - Color Roulette

Kenyarn Holiday Boxes - Color Roulette

Welcome friends, to the 2021 Kenyarn Holiday boxes! This years theme is Color Roulette! This year, each box will arrive with a personalized and unique assortment of mini skein colors on the KENYARN Altostratus base. Mini skeins are 20g each, 49yards. Additionally, each box will arrive with four unique and hand crafted pieces including an ice dyed notions pouch from Kitty's Knitty Creations , a hand poured 2oz candle from Aster Candle , a tin of all natural body butter from CMS Supply Co, and finally - a delicious and hydrating lip balm from the Tart Peach! The best part? All the scents/flavors/colors of these items (including your skeins) will also be randomized! 

No two boxes will be alike! 

All boxes include your choice of mini skein quantities: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 31 to allow you to choose exactly how you'd like to open your calendar and for how long! 

Holiday boxes are available for preorder only. All boxes are set to ship on or before December 1st 2021. Refunds are not accepted on any preordered items, per the Kenyarn Policies. *Please pay careful attention to which box size you are selecting from the drop down menu at checkout. If you select the wrong quantity, Kenyarn does NOT have the ability to alter your order for the intended sized box.