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Person reading on couch with fuzzy wuzzy blanket and dog.
Person reaching on couch with blanket by Kenyarn and dog
Couch with fuzzy wuzzy lap blanket set on it
Person wrapped in fuzzy wuzzy lap blanket on couch
Couch with fuzzy wuzzy lap blanket laid on back
Two dogs sitting on fuzzy wuzzy lap blanket

Fuzzy Wuzzy Lap Blanket - Electronic Pattern


*Electronic Knitting Pattern only* The Fuzzy Wuzzy Lap Blanket is a large crescent shaped blanket, intended to provide light warmth and cozy vibrations to any space. Perfect for draping over the back of a couch or wearing like a light shawl- this piece serves many different roles. It is a staple in my own household and is perfect for holiday gifts and added decor. It is a favorite with furry friends, especially cats and dogs! The best part? It looks luxurious, but is really rather affordable! To shop your own shades of Go For Faux - click here! To purchase a full kit (pattern +yarn ) directly through Lion Brand, click here.