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Buttons - Candy Corn

Buttons - Candy Corn

Meet the craziest buttons you've ever seen! Kenyarn buttons are all hand poured and made from epoxy resin. Buttons available in a variety of sizes and are ready to ship. See below for information on sizing, clarity, and center hole options. We are constantly adding new colors/glitter combinations. Use the drop down menu to view all our in-stock sizes. 


Standard (1inch diameter), four holes. Translucent. Sold in groups of 6. ** Note, this is our final update using this button mold/shape. Perfect for a cardigan. 

Jumbo (2.5 inch diameter), four holes. High Gloss. Single button. Perfect for a fun accent to close a cowl with!

Teeny Heart 1.2 inch diameter, two holes. High Gloss. Sold in groups of 8. 

Single Standard (1.4 inch diameter), four holes. Translucent. Sold individually.


Material: Handpoured Epoxy Resin