Meet the Maker

My name is Jake Kenyon. I'm originally from a small town about an hour South of Boston, MA. I grew up surrounded by art and there was never a day where I wasn't coloring, drawing, painting, making pottery, or beading. I've always loved color and was constantly testing my own artistic limits as a kid even on the sidewalk with a bucket of chalk. 

I attended the University of New Hampshire for six years obtaining my Master's Degree after leaving my hometown. While at UNH, I spent most of my days singing with my a cappella group and spending weekends hiking, going to the beach, and studying. At my "real life" job, I practice Full Time as a Speech-Language Pathologist on the acute care units of a local hospital. I primarily treat disorders of the swallowing mechanism, but also address issues in speech, language, and cognition. 

I currently operate my small business out of my tiny kitchen and get really creative when it comes to space and production. I am hoping to make real connections through my craft and am so happy to be able to share my passion with each and every one of you. I truly believe that there are no limitations when it comes to pursuing things that bring you joy. 

I’m a huge advocate for mental health and finding what makes you fall asleep with a grin on your face at the end of each day. I love absolutely love feedback and encourage each and every one of you to reach out to me via my contact form for suggestions regarding fiber bases, colourways you would like to see, and any questions or comments regarding my product. Remember to tag all your projects made with my fiber with #isthatkenyarn 

Happy Making!

Best, Jake