Meet the Maker

Hello! I’m Jake Kenyon, Kenyarn’s owner and fellow maker. I grew up in a small town in southeastern Massachusetts and now am housed in a tiny studio space in Providence, Rhode Island. As a child, my mother taught me to crochet. I enjoyed the quiet, peaceful work of making something come to life in my hands. I loved the beauty of patterns in fiber arts, but I was most deeply drawn to color. My father worked in textile dyeing, and would administer an assessment to his new employees to determine if they saw sufficient shades of color. I found that fascinating, and I remember my friends and I pouring over the test so we too could better grasp our knowledge of color’s spectrum. In my day to day life, as a speech-language pathologist, I only wear a few different color scrubs while working in the acute care hospital setting. Not a day goes by where I’m not noticing the colors in the bouquet on a patient’s bedside table and imagining new colourways or patterns from the foliage in New England. I spend my days off washing, dyeing, skeining, and writing patterns out of my passion for color and the fiber arts.

Kenyarn is where I share my perspective on the beauty in the world around us through hand-dyed yarn. Kenyarn was born out of my love for the fiber arts, and grew from my crocheted hats and scarves on Etsy—“Hoot Hoot Stitches” in those days—to encompass my fascination with color. I am a self-taught dyer, and have refined my practice over the past few years by collaborating with, seeking insight from, and celebrating other independent dyers. I adore the sense of community that  Kenyarn has brought into my life, and love to see works-in-progress and beautifully knit pieces in Kenyarn fiber. 

Community means the world to me. I grew up feeling different, and for many years escaped by putting my nose in books and later, my hands on yarn. As I grew, I recognized I was a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Coming out as gay was terrifying and liberating. Over the years, I have enjoyed the friendship of many LGBTQ+ people and the healing love of allies. I believe in the healing power of love. I am an ally to the Black community and fully support Black Lives Matter. In case you didn’t know, I owe my rights to the bravery of black trans women at Stonewall. So when I say trans rights are human rights, that’s a fact. As a believer in community, I make my best effort to share perspective on civil rights issues, as well as, raise money to support these causes. I am accepting of all genders, races, weights, identities, and my online presence is a safe space for all makers. Hate will not be tolerated.