Each colourway featured within my shop is crafted with a memory, experience, or loved one in mind. Each skein tells a unique story.

deep blue yarn

Joshua Blue

This tonal colourway combines sapphire and turquoise with deep accents of navy to create a dynamic structure perfect for solid pieces as well as accents within larger works. 

medium brown yarn

Beech Tree

This gorgeous tonal colourway includes deep chestnut and auburn tones flecked with darker charcoal spots to create depth and character within your work. This is a must have for accenting green eyes and emerald sweaters.

lavender light purple yarn

Moonlit Path

This tonal and pastel lavender delight will leave you dreaming of spring time.

mermaid teal green and blue yarn

Mother Mermaid

A beautiful blend of deep navy, sea green, and emerald green this colourway seeks to mimic the natural colourway of the Atlantic ocean. Complete with small white flecks throughout the yarn to create the illusion of whitecaps, this is a must have for all ocean lovers.

magenta and purple yarn

Magenta After Midnight

Combining all the colors between port and pink, this tonal colourway is simply delicious. This rich gem tone is simple, vibrant, and bold.