Resin Buttons - 18mm

Resin Buttons - 18mm

Available in two colors: Lemon (Yellow) and Blueberry (Blue) in 18mm (.70in). Set of 8 buttons. Kenyarn resin button colourways are truly OOAK and non repeatable.


All of our notions are hand mixed, hand poured, and cured for forty eight hours before being demolded. Resin art is unique in that no two pieces are truly identical - just like your favorite skeins of variegated yarn! Each Kenyarn piece is packaged with the “right side” (RS) facing outward and should be used in the same orientation. Pieces are not meant to be reversible. On the wrong side (WS) of the piece, it is typical to have slight textural variation due to the nature of epoxy. Some changes in transparency may be present between sets, based on the particular glitter used. Our buttons are waterproof, easy to adhere, but should never be scratched aggressively. Tag @isthatkenyarn on Instagram to show off your new flair! 

Due to the nature of photographing glitter under studio light, colors may appear slightly altered in varying light once adhered to garments.