OOAK Sock Blank - Bumble

OOAK Sock Blank - Bumble

Brought to you as a part of the Kenyarn Color Corner, these OOAK sock blanks are truly "One Of A Kind". Each set of sock blanks is hand dyed in Providence, Rhode Island using leftover dye, excess dye water, and allows the dyer to really flex those creativity muscles! The Kenyarn color corner is updated every week on Friday morning at 10am. 

Sock Blank Information: 100g, 463 yards. 4 ply. 75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon.

*OOAK Sock Blanks are non refundable and are all truly, one of a kind. Photos featured to best represent the overall color palette of the sock blank. Colourways are non repeatable.