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Hook Nook Maker Series Blog-Now Live!

Posted by Jake Kenyon on


Today is a very exciting day. Months ago, I submitted a short description of my work and a handful of photos to @the.hook.nook for a chance to be featured in THNLife Blog. Weeks later in the middle of a snow storm, I received an email letting me know I was selected as a guest author. Remember the scene where Elle Woods gets into Harvard? That reaction, x 7.

This blog sheds light on what making means to me and how it’s influenced my mental health over the past few years. This topic is so personal to me and has become such a hot topic of discussion as we slowly and systematically disassemble the horrible stigma surrounding depression, anxiety, and the rest. The thought of telling my story was overwhelming at first. I drafted, edited, deleted, and added to it for weeks. I owed it to myself and to my readers to be transparent, honest, and uplifting.

Drafting this article has been a journey in itself. It’s been an incredible chance for me to step outside myself and to reflect and examine how making has changed me. Click here to read my story "How to Find Yourself as a Maker". 

A final thank you to Jessica Carey, a truly beautiful soul, for providing me the platform to share my story, my struggles, and my journey with making. I hope my words strike a chord within each of you and are a reminder that you are not alone.




 Photo Credit to Hannah Marlin of Littlest Fish Designs for all of her incredible photography work. 

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