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I have a confession. 

I am addicted to bags. All bags, really. Backpacks, satchels, tote bags, and even duffle bags. When I traveled to Italy in college I saved my money the entire trip just so that when I arrived at the Florence leather markets, I could buy a backpack. It's also no secret that I love the fiber arts. When it comes to this craft, it can get pretty tricky to travel with your stash AND your supplies without all of a sudden finding yourself standing in the middle of LaGuardia wrapped up in yarn.

It's very obvious that Jimmy Bean's Wool (in conjunction with their exclusive line of Namaste accessories) has changed the game in accessories for knitters and crocheter's alike. Just recently they've debuted their  Maker's crossbody bag, their Maker's foldover bag, and for the more compact project's in life - the Maker's Circle bag. All of these products are simply amazing in construction and material. It was no surprise that when they released their Maker's backpack - I was smitten. I could barely handle their first set of colors and when they added navy as a neutral, I knew it was something I had to try. When it comes to yarn dyeing - Im a sucker for rich and vibrant palettes but when it comes to my wardrobe and accessories, Im much more muted and tend to lean towards neutrals. Seeing such a rich and classic color arrive to the JBW shop made me so happy! It was the scream of excitement heard 'round the world.

This *clap*

Bag *clap*

Is *clap*

Perfect *clap*

It includes just about everything minus the kitchen sink (which Im sure it patent pending for their next iteration). Let's start with the outside of the bag. Made entirely from vegan leather - this material is luxurious. It's smooth, distinctively cool on your skin, is durable, and is sturdy. I know when it comes to artificial materials I am always concerned about added toxins etc. but fear not, because this entire bag is BPA and PVC free. The gold embellishments throughout the bag are strong and incredibly shiny. They glisten in the light and are a welcome contrast to the matte surface of my navy blue color choice. 

Now lets get to the juicy stuff- the inside. This bag easily fits my 13 inch MacBook and I even put my older MacBook right inside with it. They both fit with no issue whatsoever. For fun, I decided to see how many hand dyed DK weight skeins I could fit inside with the laptops. The answer? 12. Thats about 2,772 yards of DK weight fiber - a useful storage capacity when I visit local yarn shops for wholesale accounts and am traveling for long periods of time. After all - who wants to run out of yarn mid vacation? Next up are the POCKETS. Not only does this beauty have a perfect pocket for your patterns but it also has three distinct inner pockets that were designed to hold multiple crochet hooks and longer knitting needles. This bag also has perfect space for circular needle set. On the outside of the bag, the pockets are large enough to hold my wallet, keys, chapstick, pens, pencils, stitch markers, and darning needle. I really can't stress how many pockets there are! This bag even holds two water bottles inside! 

Finally we need to discuss detail. The folks at Namaste and Jimmy Bean's Wool spared no expense when creating the perfect bag to every maker feel incredible using it. With each bag they send a beautiful outer tassel that also includes the cutest stitch marker. One of my favorite features of the bag is that it has a strap to hook it to your suitcase making airport travel so simple. It also has pegs on the base of the bag allowing it to stand up on it's own! Inside your bag, they've included a clippable leather measuring tape for in-a-pinch measurements out in the wild, and have even gone so far as to include a small notebook for pattern notes and a darning needle! I was curious about the lotus yarn feeder inside the front lip of the bag and it's EXCLUSIVE to the Namaste line with a patent pending! It threads fiber like a charm!

The folks at Jimmy Bean's Wool left no stone unturned with this bag. Im here to tell you that if you've been on the fence about purchasing one - now is the time! It's a total game changer and is going to make travel so much easier with projects and my laptop. If you want to see details on the color I grabbed, click here. Thank you so so much to my friends at Jimmy Bean's Wool!

As always, if you have questions about anything - shoot me a direct message on my Instagram OR feel free to email me at ! 

Happy Making!

Love, Jake

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  • Great to have found your lovely site (thankyou to the wonderful TL Yarn Crafts’ Toni!). I have just bought one of these bags (the backpack), beautifully designed. Looking forward to buying your beautiful yarn. Best wishes, Jo (London, UK)

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