Kenyarn 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Knitters and Crocheters!

Posted by Jake Kenyon on

Kenyarn 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Hey, friends! Can you believe the holiday season is suddenly upon us? This year has whizzed by and I for one, am in no shape for the holiday season. I took the time this year to outline and highlight my absolute favorite makers and products that every fiber artist/small fiber business owner needs in their life! From tools that help me to succeed, to project bags, to books, and everything in between - this is the ultimate Kenyarn Holiday Gift Guide 2021 edition! I curated this list to help you find the perfect gift for the maker in your life (and to highlight some of the best presents I've bought myself over the years) ! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it!
xo Jake 

Disclaimer: Some affiliate links are utilized in this blog post, and I receive a very small compensation if you purchase a product through my link. Thank you in advance for supporting my own small business.


1. The Autumnity Shawl by Visuvios Crafts

This incredible shawl is sized perfectly for maximum squish. The shawl is comprised of 6 skeins of Lion Brand Yarn 'Hue and Me', and is perfect for all of your winter events! The owner of Visuvio's Crafts, Vincent Williams, is a multi talented designer who executes stunning patterns in both knitting and crochet! Vincent was nice enough this holiday season to supply all of you with a special 15% off coupon on any purchase of a digital pattern! Use the code 'KENYARN2021' between 11/30/21 and 12/15/21 to snag the deal! To shop all of the shades of Lion Brand Yarn's 'Hue and Me' collection, click here


2. The FitPulse Muscle Gun - from Amazon.

Knitters and crocheters- listen up! This is quite possibly the best investment I made in 2021. The fitpulse muscle gun arrives with multiple heads for deep tissue stimulation after hours of crafting. It easily removes tension from my neck, lower back, and even from my hands after rows and rows of knitting! Highly recommend!


3. The 12 days of Christmas holiday coupon countdown from - Knitatude!

Sign up for Chantal's mailing list to receive twelve coupons of varying amounts counting down the days until Christmas! Chantal is a Canadian based knitwear designer with an eye for small lace details and wearable pieces! Shop her store for all of your holiday pattern gift giving!


4. The Fuzzy Wuzzy Lap Blanket from - Kenyarn x Lion Brand Yarn

From Kenyarn, the Fuzzy Wuzzy Lap Blanket is the perfect accent piece for your cozy holiday living space. It's an easy, triangular lap blanket that can also double as a shawl! It's a huge fan with the fur babies! :) 


5. The Orange and Ivory Check Dopp Kit from - Paisley Gold and Sewing

This zippered boxy pouch is the PERFECT SIZE for keeping your personal items organized and together in one convenient place! You can use it as a 'project' bag (knitting/crocheting, etc) or to carry your essentials. It is big enough to hold most of your toiletry items including small bottles of shampoo/conditioner and creams or your makeup favorites. 


6. 'Ready, Set, Raglan' from - Pom Pom Magazine

This issue of the wildly creative Pom Pom Magazine teaches the essentials in raglan construction. I bought this book and in two months had knit my first top down raglan! It walks you through each part of construction and presents information with highly visual and descriptive methods. The book includes over six raglan designs and is perfect for any fiber enthusiast! 


7. The Annie Bucket Hat - Crochet Kit - Two of Wands x Lion Brand Yarn

The ultimate collaboration between street fashion and cozy couture - the Annie Bucket Hat! Crocheted in Lion Brand Yarn's Go For Faux line, this is a beginner friendly and quick project that can be enjoyed by everyone! Shop the kit here. For the free pattern, visit the Two of Wands Blog! Shop her other amazing knit and crochet designs! Everything Alexi creates has you feeling runway ready! For other shades of Go For Faux yarn, click here


8. The Tunisian Crochet Handbook from - TLYarnCrafts 

From the brilliant mind of the amazing Tunisian crochet designer, Toni Lipsey, comes her debut guide on everything you need to know about Tunisian Crochet! Informative and packed with information, this highly visual book allows you dive deep into the foundational knowledge you need to start crocheting your own patterns with this method! For more of Toni's incredible standard crochet and Tunisian crochet patterns, click here. Subscribe to her incredible mailing list for periodic sales, new offers, and sneak peeks of everything she has planned for 2022! Toni regularly offers free patterns and has an AMAZING (and addictive) Youtube channel


9. The Bonfire Crescent Shawl Kit - Knit Collage

Don't miss out on the chance to knit in the incredibly textured and cloud-like yarn from Knit Collage. This simple, easy to knit shawl is the perfect palette cleanser from standard yarns. It's the type of yarn that you wont believe exsists until it is in your hands! The detail in every Knit Collage package is so outstanding. Follow Knit Collage on Instagram and join their mailing list to stay up to date on their bi-annual Knit-A-Longs that include kits, yarn, meditation exercises, and weekly check ins! They are SO much fun!  


10. The Laveau 2.0 from - Black Purl Magic 

Meet the Laveau 2.0 project bag from Black Purl Magic. This bag has become my new obsession. Hand sewn from flexible glitter vinyl, this bag is the ultimate gift for shawl knitters and sock knitters alike! Big enough for six (or more) skeins of yarn, this bag's material also makes it INCREDIBLY easy to sanitize after travel! I absolutely adore this bag and this small business! Do not sleep on these! 


11. Knitter's Pride Mindful Collection Needle Set from - Jimmy Bean's Wool

This interchangeable set of needles is like no other. With specially designed needle heads, your cords are able to twist with your tension as you work your piece, eliminating the need to constantly be retightening your needle heads!  I can't speak more highly of this needle set! I bought my first solo set while traveling in a knitting pinch, and now have gone ahead and got the entire full set


12. The Stanwood Needlecraft Tabletop Yarn Swift - Amazon

I purchased this swift when I first learned to crochet! It has withstood the sands of time and is still working just as well as the day I bought it! I love winding hanks of yarn by hand into balls, and the table top style allows you to easily turn skeins of indie dyed yarn into a cake or ball to start knitting with! 


13. The Maker's Tote Bag - Jimmy Bean's Wool

Quite possibly the best bag to ever happen to knitters and crocheters, this beauty contains multiple pockets, a yarn cutter, and a stitch marker keychain. With ample space for storing printed patterns and multiple sets of needles, I never leave the house without this! I truly use it as an everyday purse and knitting project bag! Grab one for yourself or for the maker in your life. Shop the bag in multiple colors, here. I bought mine in their newest preorder color, black!


14. The Daybreak Blanket from - One Dog Woof x Lionbrand Yarn

This bright and colorful blanket from the brilliant mind of Chi Wei from One Dog Woof, combines a primary palette to add color to any space. This simple crochet kit can be purchased (and customized ), here


15. Be Bold Beanie Kits from - Kenyarn 

 This simple knit beanie holds two strands of Kenyarn Stratus DK together, for a quick (and warm) bulky hat! Each kit includes a pattern, both skeins of yarn in jet black and 'Arts and Crafts' as well as a deliciously fluffy Pom Pom from Thread Head Knits Co.! Grab your kit here


16. Deluxe Stitch Marker Set from - Christine Parker Co

Cut from hard acrylic, these rainbow stitch markers are my favorite. I have already bought two complete sets in the star shape! The best part? These lovely little stitch markers come in heart (and other) shapes as well! Available with small rings, large rings, and lobster clasps - they are sure to brighten any project! Grab your set here


17. The Sentro Knitting Machine - Amazon

The perfect knitting machine for beginners! This knitting machine makes creating beanies and small projects incredibly simple! As an indie dyer, it's so nice to be able to quickly swatch up a project and this crank turn machine makes it happen in a flash! Shop for yours here.


18. The Novelinks Transparent Rainbow Photo Case - Amazon

Okay, I know what you're thinking. A photo case? But guess what? This photo case fits interchangeable needles and their cords like a DREAM! I use it to hold all of my small needle notions (turn keys and size adjusters) all in one place! Each side of the organize can be used to store Small/Large notions (I use Chiagoo Needles and Mindful Collection Needles) in an easy to locate way! I can't recommend this little case enough! I even use my Dymo Label Maker to label each box with the size/length of cord! 

19. The Soul of an Octopus by Sy Montgomery

I happened upon this book in the middle of a bookstore. It was listed under a small display of Oprah's book club. As someone fascinated with the octopus in general, I jumped at the chance to read this first hand account of working with this amazing creature. This book is moving, profound, and questions the delicacy and temporary nature of our existence. I highly recommend this book to anyone who longs to feel part of something much larger and learn something along the way. Grab your copy here


20. The Plant Shop Candle from Aster Candle

Quite possibly my favorite candle in the world, this Plant Shop candle from Aster Candle smells like walking into a green house. Earthy, fresh, and freeing. Shop yours today


21. The Make and Mend Jig Saw Puzzle - Shelli Can

I dont know about you, but I love a good jigsaw puzzle. This 500 piece beauty from is from the creative hands of Shelli Can. Who doesn't love a fiber themed jigsaw puzzle? Buy yours here


Thats all folks! As always, have a wonderful and safe holiday with the people you love. I hope you all have an absolutely relaxing transition into the New Year and can find time for yourself to rest, reset, and recharge. I cannot wait to share everything Kenyarn has cooked up for 2022, but it is BOUND to be exciting! :) 


Happy Holidays!

Love, Jake. 

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