Fitness for Fiber!

Jake Kenyon

"Balance is key". A phrase heard all too often in today's fast paced and health trend obsessed world. Easier said than done, right? I've struggled for as long as I can remember with balancing habits of both physical and mental health with work and recreation. I'm famous for going through short bursts of physical exercise, then retreating back into my normal routine. In graduate school, I had my running phase. I would run 4 miles x four times a week and not think twice about it. Then, as soon as school started; I'd stop cold turkey. Recently, I joined a local gym for a fitness challenge that I did relatively well with however stopped as soon as my full time job picked up. It's no surprise that through all of my ups and down's with exercise, I've managed to keep knitting and crocheting close by. It's comfortable, it's relaxing, and it does wonders for a stressful day and my overall mental health. I've spent a lot of time lately considering how I can be more consistently physically active while also continuing to pursue my love of fiber? I've been constantly looking for the balance between what improves my mental health while also improving my physical health. Can knitting and fitness be related without attempting to walk and purl at the same time (something I have tried with very little success-haha!)? My solution? Motivation by creation! 

I've decided to utilize a really simple reward-based approach to incorporating exercise back into my daily routine while making it feel approachable and motivating. But Jake- HOW? I've created a simple grid that allows me to log miles biked, miles ran, or miles walked in order to earn money towards my next fiber related purchase. I've attached the grid for download. With the template, you are able to create your own guidelines for your pledge and can customize it with your favorite ways to stay active within your personal comfort zone!  

In the template I've attached, I award myself $5 when I have biked 12 miles, $5 dollars when I've ran 4 miles, and $6 when I've done 6 miles of walking. The great thing about this chart is that it is completely malleable to your budget and your level of comfort/type of exercise! It's supposed to be a journey! The most important thing to remember here is that these are all approachable goals for YOU. Everyone is different and I encourage each and every one of you to customize your chart based on your own schedule and comfort level! I encourage you to add other goals you've set for yourself that can be rewarded with a little fiber goodness! Cheers to a step towards a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally!

Thanks for stopping by and for keeping up with Kenyarn! If you incorporate the Fitness for Fiber #kenyarnfitnessforfiber tracker in your life, be sure to tag @isthatkenyarn and use the hashtag #kenyarnfitnessforfiber 


*Always consult your physician before engaging in any and all forms of physical exercise.

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