Find your Astrologishawl Info!

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Hey Friends of Kenyarn! 


Thank you all so much for your interest and support for the Astrologishawl!


I created the Astrologishawl out of my own passion for astrology, self-discovery, and fiber arts.


Initially, my intent was to create twelve individual colourways representative of each zodiac sign. What my idea lacked, however, was a purposeful vessel for execution. The astrologishawl was born when I combined this collection with my first ever knitwear design. I knew from the beginning that this needed to be more than just a set of colourways. The Astrologishawl design is comprised of three individual colourways representative of three important elements of your natal star chart: your Sun Sign, Moon sign, and Ascendant sign. This means that no two shawls will be alike!


In order to help you discover your natal star chart, extract the correct information to use when ordering your shawl, and to also learn more about your astrological profile click this link for a downloadable PDF walking you through the process. The information obtained will help you accurately find your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant sign so you'll be ready to pre-order your kit on 3/28/19 7PM EST at .


I hope you have so much fun with this!




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  • Live your vibrant colors and speckling!

    Maria on
  • I am so bummed I missed this pre-order! Do you plan to do another round?

    Michelle on
  • I love this project! Unfortunately, I had some unexpected expenses last month and couldn’t participate. 😢 I hope you will do something similar again!

    Eadie on
  • Hi! Ibsawbthebsecret password on the Instagram live was Orange, but couldn’t find where to enter the give away for your gorgeous yarn! I followed you and will keep checking:)

    Brenna Graham on

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