Camp Kenyarn 2021 Collaborative Shop Update!

Posted by Jake Kenyon on

This summer, we are returning to Camp Kenyarn but this time- I'm bringing friends! Join myself and nine incredible indie dyers (counselors) in the first ever Camp Kenyarn Collaborative shop update! This year, myself and the other yarn dyers will each release an exclusive Camp themed colourway representative of our interests or experiences from Camp! The best part? The first 30 customers in each dyer's shop update will collect a FREE vinyl sticker badge! Each dyer's colourway and badge are completely unique. Its up to you to collect them all!

Each dyer's shop update will occur on 7/1/2021 at 8pm EST and each dyer's colourway will be available on that dyer's unique bases. Follow each dyer and myself @isthatkenyarn on Instagram until the release date for reveals of each dyer's colourway and for highlights about each of these incredible yarn companies!

Now, it's time for you to meet the dyers: 

1. Bethany and Rhys of Woolberry Fiber Company - the Campfire Songs Badge.

Follow Bethany and Rhys on Instagram! 

2. Geraldine of The Wandering Flock - The Tie Dye Badge

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3. Ashley of Montana Crochet - The Glamping Badge

Follow Ashley on Instagram! 

4. Katie of the Scranton Stitcher - the Archery Badge

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5. Eva of Seismic Yarn - The Prankster Badge

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6. Kyle of Viking Fiber Company - The Scuba Badge

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7. Josh of Blu Fiber Company - The Smores Badge

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8. Kate of Red Door Fibre Studio - The Horse Girl Badge 

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9. Adella of LolaBean Yarn Co - the Fishing Badge

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10. Jake of Kenyarn - the Theatre Badge

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  • Help!!! I NEED a camp t-shirt in my life! How do I get my hands on one?

    Dawn D on
  • I feel like the kid who keeps getting left out of the club! I just saw Toni’s post about your camp yarn (Quiver). Will you be making any more? I can’t find it on your site. Boohoo!

    Renee on

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